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Welcome to Haltia - The Finnish Nature Centre!

Haltia Snow Canyon S4

Haltia – The Finnish Nature Centre is a popular exhibition and event centre situated by Nuuksio National Park. Both kids and adults love the place! You can experience the whole Finland’s nature from southern archipelago till snowy fells of Lapland and all diverse 40 national parks. And see and hear, even touch the wildlife too!

Director of Haltia, Tom Selänniemi alias Tom of Haltia welcomes you to Haltia!


Please see our Top 11 recommendations how to take most out of your visit at Haltia:

  1. See live video of Finland’s National Parks on huge multimedia screens. Spot bears and reindeers on on the bog, powerful rapids, windy snowy fells – among many other fascinating and lovely places! You may also familiarize yourself with under the sea/lake world.
  2. Pet the real bear! Halla-bear has been sleeping at Haltia since day one and is absolutely the most favourite thing at Haltia - both for kids and adults.  Of course we can’t quarantee that one day it wakes up... Karhu 00A9709 Jari Kostet k1000px
  3. Come to listen the real sounds of Finland’s nature! At ”Nature Mother’s Sounds” exhibition you may hear very rare volwerine, birds singing, voices under the water and even storm! And how about lively bears that were just 10 meters away from the sound artist Kirsi Ihalainen – watch out!
  4. It is said that Helsinki and it's surrounding are the nature capital of the world. Get yourself familiar with nice nature places at metropolitan area. You get surprised how green it is! Haltia Vallisaari JPRonkainen
  5. Have a short and easy hike nearby Haltia! You may select “Päivättärenpolku trail” (1.4 km) and do a campfire at the forest. In case you enjoy beautiful views, take easy “Maahisenkierros trail” (2 km). Afterwards you may relax by campfire at teepee (“kota”) at Haltia’s field or experience authentic “deserted hut” inside Haltia, where you can just sit and listen to the stove.
  6. Did you know that Haltia is inspired by Finnish national epic Kalevala? And can you see the connection between Haltia’s building and goldeneye? There’s many interesting stories behind Haltia’s architecture – come and find out more!Kuva: Suomen Luontokeskus Haltia/Mika Huisman
  7. Haltia was the first public building in Finland built entirely of CLT wood elements in 2013.The environment has been taken into account at Haltia's facilities and activities through outstanding design and the latest ecological solutions. Eg. the building is heated and cooled with energy derived from the Sun and the Earth. As a result of these Haltia received "Special commendation for Sustainability" by EMYA in 2015.
  8. Special and temporary exhibitions with themes that provides new perspectives on nature. Do you know that Snow Leopards have been seen in Nuuksio, Finland! True or not, but you can see them in "In the Land of the Snow Leopard" exhibition in Haltia 5.12.2019-29.3.2020.
  9. Highly acclaimed Restaurant Haltia offers delicious lunch buffet that is made of local raw materials and is as much as possible organic. You may also enjoy delicious home made doughnuts and other bakery products, not to mention cappuccinos and other special coffeesHaltia Ravintola Haltia
  10. Haltia Shop offers various Finnish nature, interior decoration and design products. There’s also Finnish National Park products, books and post cards and such available. Kids love soft toys – the most favourite is a flying squirrel who lives at the woods of Nuuksio National Park.
  11. Nuuksio National Park is next to Haltia. You may experience real wilderness there: forest, lakes, rocks, valleys and bogs. You may overstay at Nuuksio, how about sleeping at the hammocks? Or doing activities like kayak, fat biking, rowing, mountain climbing, sauna and swimming – and much more! Ask more from Haltia’s Customer Service or see more from Nuuksio Resort Haltia NuuksioMauriLeivo