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Special exhibitions

Haltia’s special exhibitions changes once or twice a year. Special exhibition's themes aim at providing new perspectives on nature.


My night as a flying squirrel opens 1.6.2020!

In Haltia's new special exhibition "My night as a flying squirrel" you can live your night as this mystical animal! More information coming soon.

Past exhibitions:

In the Land of the Snow Leopard (winter 2019-2020)

Wild and crazy - World’s funniest wildlife pictures (2019)

Trace - photography exhibition which editorialised how people affect the nature (2018-2019)

Luonto 2.17/Nature 2.17 introduced nature to you through in a fresh perspective! (2017-2018)

Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards (2017)

60 chicks and wild pics (2016-2017)

Moving (2015-2016)

Hannu Hautala - the Son of the Forest (2014-2015)

Luonnos (2013-2014)